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Twisted Knots

This trend sees hair immaculately scraped away from the face, then twisted into a bun with the ends left out.


Backstage at Roksanda AW22, the TONI&GUY Session Team supported lead stylist, Anthony Turner as he created knots that looked effortlessly elegant, finessed with a strip of fabric tied around the head to complete the sporty-chic look. Hair is roughly blow-dried to promote it’s own natural texture. Hair is then pulled into a ponytail, using fingers and not a brush, before being structured into a rough, twisty-knot. Twisted knots were also seen at Milan Fashion Week during the No.21 and Blumarine shows, lead by Anthony Turner and supported by Ryan D and the Italian TONI&GUY Session Team. At No.21, the knots referenced the 90’s and were deliberately ‘anti-glamour’. For Blumarine, the knots were combined with a ponytail and had contrasting detail between past and new trends.


For AW22, Roksanda explored the correlation between realism and dreaming, with pieces that combined strong colours and fascinating design details. This was seen on exaggerated gowns, sculptural shapes and unusual patchworking in classic ROKSANDA colour-blocking, with volume being exaggerated to extremes in sleeves, at necklines and at hems.

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