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Slick Back

Whether it’s slicked back into a ponytail or textured and down, when you slick back hair, it oozes sophistication.


Backstage at Feng Chen Wang AW22, TONI&GUY’s Global Creative Director, Cos Sakkas and the Session Team continues Feng Chen Wang’s reflection of imperfection through a sleek and slicked feeling at the front following through to an un-done imperfection at the back. To re-create, start by applying LABEL.M Volume Mousse through the hair line and comb through the roots to mid-lengths. Back-comb the ends and roll hair inwards to give an ‘un-done’ texture. Create a loose texture through the crown to add movement and a voluminous silhouette and set with LABEL.M Hairspray. This was also seen at MSGM during Milan Fashion Week where the Laurent Philippon, supported by Fabrizio Palmieri and the Italian TONI&GUY Session Team gave models very natural, wet looks that were styled by raking a large-tooth comb through the hair utilising an uneven centre parting.


Beauty is found in imperfection, so goes an old adage which underpins the Autumn/Winter 2022 Feng Chen Wang collection. This season, the Chinese-born designer has been reflecting on that sense of never completing something, never being fully happy with it; of always starting, never stopping and never finishing. But instead resisting this feeling, Wang decided to to embrace it – and build an entire collection around it.

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