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Our new haircare range has updated formulations, that are healthier, greener and more effective than ever before

Our new multi-generational, gender-neutral range focuses on a FIVE-STEP SYSTEM.

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The innovative 50+ product offering includes a colour-coded navigation system targeting five primary haircare solutions:


Our LABEL.M range includes 50+ haircare and styling products tailored to the individual needs of our global clients across 60 countries. A highly versatile and adaptable range, with personalisation based on each individual’s hair needs and style aspirations; you can be certain whatever your hair type, texture or concern – you are going to see empowering results with LABEL.M.

All our product packaging now contains brand icons to communicate key information directly to our consumers, such as whether the product is vegan, gluten-free, sulphate-free, recyclable and against animal testing.


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Find about more about the eight key label.m brand pillars.

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Sustainability is a journey and label.m is committed to its path

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