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At LABEL.M we believe haircare needs to be more than ‘clean’ or ‘natural’


All our products are crafted with naturally derived ingredients and safe synthetics to produce high-performance formulations that give effective results. Our products feature exclusive technologies fortified with the finest blends of natural plant and fruit extracts, oils and vitamins for vibrant, glowing hair.

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We strongly believe that great hair starts from the inside-out, using advanced, clinically-tested ingredients blended with balancing botanicals, we have made Biocompatibility a priority throughout our Cleanse and Condition formulations. Biocompatibility goes beyond clean and natural beauty by embracing botanical ingredients and safe synthetics that are proven to work.

We believe in using only ingredients that directly benefit the hair and scalp while supporting the integrity and effectiveness of the formulation. Our Cleanse & Condition products help protect hair from colour and heat, and are free of parabens, gluten, DEA, formaldehyde and artificial colours.

By using the latest technologies to create performance- focused styling, ensures our Create and Complete products are what our customers and hairdressers need to create new hair textures and bring fashion trends to life.


Exclusive technologies

At the forefront of product development, the LABEL.M range is built for the wellbeing of your hair. The re-designed range offers unique and exclusive technologies combined with naturally derived ingredients, responsibly harvested from renewable sources, to successfully bridge the gap between sustainable beauty practices and innovative technologies.

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